The Loving Garden

Lisa knows that Garden of Flavor juice not only tastes good, it is really good for you.  Throughout the company’s existence, Lisa has been contacted by customers on behalf of family and friends, seeking her recommendation for how to treat different ailments or diseases.  Using her Holistic and Plant Based Nutrition training, Lisa has the knowledge to advise which natural ingredients will provide the most effective aids to help people through their recoveries.  

More than 30 years ago, Lisa was looking for natural ways to remedy her mother’s battle with cancer.  She and her mother traveled around the world seeking advice to help treat the disease from different alternative medical clinics, after her traditional doctor told her there was nothing more they could do.  Clinics in California, Mexico and Germany each gave similar recommendations of drinking plenty of juice packed with organic vegetables such as Cucumbers, Spinach, Kale and Parsley.

When Lisa is contacted by someone in need who believes juice will help with their healing process, she usually provides a one month supply of juice at no charge.  Although Garden of Flavor’s green juices are the most commonly sought after varieties, Lisa will offer almost all of her other recipes for their different healthy attributes.  For example, she may offer White Knight, a vegan nut mylk, that is high in calories and good fat, that can act as a meal replacement. 

During recovery or healing, our bodies need as much rest as possible.  Our digestive process is very taxing on our bodies as it requires a lot of energy and effort to break down solid foods.  Consuming cold pressed juice during this time could be beneficial because the juicing process has removed almost all of the digestive process allowing our bodies to easily absorb nutrients found inside the juice.    

If you or a friend feel Garden of Flavor juice could help during a difficult time, we encourage you to contact Lisa at