Our Story

Garden of Flavor was started by Lisa Reed in 2011 after she began developing juice recipes out of her home and invited her neighbors to provide feedback on her creations. Word quickly spread that she was onto something because soon, she could not keep up with demand.

In 2012, Lisa moved her business to a small facility in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and the juice bar was born. At this new location, she was able to perfect many of her recipes that are still in use today. Using her extensive wellness training, Lisa has been able to create different juice recipes to treat many health ailments that have been requested by customers. Local grocery retailers began to take notice that Garden of Flavor had become too popular to ignore.

In order to keep up with increased demand, Lisa again moved her business in 2013 to a larger facility in Cleveland, Ohio. This new home allowed Garden of Flavor to invest in more efficient production equipment to meet the new capacity needs of larger customers. Then, in November of 2014, Lisa and Garden of Flavor won the “Best Juice or Juice Drink Category” at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in Nuremberg, Germany. Judges applauded the company for their efforts to create a product that “is the sum of health and cutting edge technology.”

Today, Garden of Flavor continues to juice fresh organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries daily inside its own refrigerated, GFSI certified facility. Customers are still encouraged to reach out to ask Lisa for advise or to learn what’s new. Lisa personally tastes every batch of juice to be sure it meets her very high standards, and is worthy of the Garden of Flavor label. Lisa and her team look forward to juicing for you for many years to come!