Our Process

Every morning, Garden of Flavor unloads and thoroughly washes fresh shipments of organic produce in our production facility. Our entire facility is refrigerated keeping the vegetables & fruits cold; this make the most delicious and nutritious juice available!

Our entire juicing process is refreshingly short. After washing, our produce goes up an elevator and into a grinder where it is turned into a fine pulp. Next, it is transferred into a large press bag where the pulp is slowly pressed to release all of the nutrient dense juice. Each batch is tweaked and tasted as needed, because as the seasons change, so does the flavor when juicing fresh picked organic produce. Next, our juices are bottled inside the same refrigerated facility ensuring the peak flavor, texture, color, and freshness.

Within hours of bottling, our juice undergoes a cold pressure technique called HPP.  The bottles of juice are surrounded with water pressure and as a result, any microorganisms are inactivated, food safety is ensured, and the refrigerated shelf life is extended.  

It could not be more simple!