How to Cleanse

Every person chooses to cleanse for his or her own personal reasons, and therefore cleansing is a very individual process, and results will vary from person to person.  Some choose to add juice to their diet and just “cut back” a meal or so a day. Others will consume only juices along with water for the desired amount of time. The Garden of Flavor juice cleanse is designed to nourish and provide your body and digestive system a rest, while continuing on with your daily life.  Whatever you choose, for the best results, please refrain from consuming alcohol, soda, sugar, processed foods, and any type of artificial sweetener. If you are a coffee drinker, you do not have to eliminate it entirely from your daily routine, but it is beneficial to at least reduce the amount you drink during your cleanse, or substitute green tea.  

The Garden of Flavor juice cleanse consists of six juices per day for the desired number of days. The ideal order of consumption is Turmeric Crush or Appleade, Green Harmony, Mean Greens, Twisted Roots, White Knight, and Turmeric Tonic.  Green Harmony and Turmeric Tonic each contain over 1 Billion living probiotic cultures to aid in digestion, support immune health, and support protein utilization.  We also suggest starting your cleanse day by enjoying a mug of warm water, mixed with the juice of a fresh organic lemon, followed shortly by your first juice. Thereafter, drink the juices in the recommended order every 2-2.5 hours throughout the day, or whenever you begin to feel hungry. If you need to snack, try avocado, watermelon, soft stone fruit or banana, as these soft foods are easy to digest.

When the weather is cool, it is nice to have some miso paste on hand to mix with hot water, and enjoy a warm cup of soup during your cleanse. Herbal teas and green teas are also a nice addition to your cleanse. You may also consider adding Swiss Kriss and Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks to your cleanse day, both of which are available at most natural food stores and cost less than $20 each, and assist with elimination. In order to continue to feel your best, please continue on with green juices, such as Green Harmony or Mean Greens, as part of your daily routine.