Farms & Sources

Here in the Garden, we source the highest quality, fresh organic ingredients from our select network of farmers.  It is important to us to have relationships with farmers who take pride in the quality of the produce they grow.

Garden of Flavor sources its ingredients from local growers as much as possible, but we find produce wherever it grows best. Here in Northeast Ohio, the growing season runs from late June through early November. During these months, Garden of Flavor receives daily fresh produce deliveries of Broccoli, Cabbage, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Parsley, Romaine and Watermelon, to name a few, that were all just picked hours before! Having a strong relationship with Green Field Farms in Wooster, OH, a farmer owned co-op, enables Garden of Flavor to source the highest quality ingredients for our juice, while supporting the local economy.  

Green Field Farms Logo

Outside of these times, most vegetables and fruits are sourced from major growing areas in Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida.  Sweet apples, Tart apples, and Pears, from Stemilt Growers in Washington State. Fresh Ginger Root from Peru. Turmeric Root from Kauai Organic Farms in Hawaii, rich in curcumin. Kale, Spinach and Carrots from Lakeside Organic Farms and Grimmway Farms in California.  Our wonderful aronia berries are grown in Wisconsin by William & Dale of Bellbrook Berry Farms.

Garden of Flavor would not be able to produce such a quality juices without the support of our wonderful network of farmers.