The History of Juicing

November 30, 2021

Juicing may seem like a rather recent trend, but in fact, it is dated back to as early as 150 B.C. The first record of juicing¹ was from an ancient tribe in Israel called the Essenes, who created a process of mashing pomegranates and figs for the health benefits of the juices. The Essenes were certainly on the right track; Let’s see how juicing has developed over the years!

In the 1920s,  Max Gerson, a physician, created a diet based on fresh organic fruits and vegetables. He developed the diet which was then used for patients with cancer and chronic diseases, and is still believed by some to have cancer-curing benefits³

In the 1930s,  the first industrial juicing machine was created by Dr. Norman Walker⁵. This machine squeezed and grated fruits and vegetables and then pressed them, making the process of juicing more readily available to consumers.  

In the 1950s the invention of a more advanced juicer called “The Champion” was able to grind ingredients. Not long after, commercial juicers gained popularity, and most homes now had access to blenders. 

In the 1960s,  a woman named Ann Wigmore⁴ opened up a health Institute dedicated to advocating for clean food. Both a nutritionist and practitioner, Ann Wigmore is considered an early pioneer of detox juices. Her specialty was Wheatgrass!

In the 1970s,  Juicing gained traction as a popular means of absorbing healthy nutrients in the body. A man by the name of Dave Otto opened a juice bar in California near two gyms which proved to be extremely successful. He and his juice bar helped launch the fresh juice and smoothie craze.

In the 1990s,  the idea of juicing was growing fast, made popular by celebrity endorsers who swore by its detoxifying properties and weight loss benefits²

In the 2010s,  several notable companies came out with their own juice cleanse lines, advancing the trend’s popularity and making it more easily accessible and time efficient for consumers to get a hold of.

Juicing has had a long and notable history. There are so many benefits to juicing that even in 150 BC were recognized. As we move into the future, Garden of Flavor is so excited to continue to spread the positive message of juicing. We believe it is such a rich and beneficial process to provide our bodies with the nutrients. Garden of Flavor has optimized our juicing benefits by juicing only organic ingredients and cold-pressing them, so all of their nutrients stay alive and active. 




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