Q + A with our Founder Lisa!

February 15, 2021

What is your favorite juice?

Mean Greens It was the first juice we ever made and it’s still one of my favorites! I enjoy that it’s full of alkalizing greens and the 3-4 servings of vegetables it provides.

Do probiotics lose their strength over time in the bottle?

Through testing, we have learned that our probiotics actually multiply in our juice! They love the environment and thrive. 

Why does my juice taste a little different each time I purchase? 

Just as the seasons change so can the flavor when you are juicing with organic fruits and vegetables. We source our produce from farms around the US-based on seasons and the greens grown in California soil will be different from the greens we purchase from Ohio in the summer. 

What makes a juice good and healthy juice? 

First and foremost, only drink juice that is certified organic to avoid pesticides. So many ingredients essential to juicing are on the dirty dozen list like kale or spinach which can contain high levels of pesticides that can make their way into your juice. Look for juices with no water or concentrates that may dilute the nutritional benefits. Lastly, if a bottle doesn't say cold-pressed, it probably isn't. If the juice is heated or flash pasteurized, beneficial nutrients are being eliminated.

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