Press: 2021 Clean Eating Award for Turmeric Ginger Energy Elixir

March 01, 2021

Our Turmeric Ginger Energy Elixir received a 2021 Clean Eating Award in the Immunity category!! With a mix of probiotics, turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger with antioxidant effects it’s the perfect nourishing immunity elixir!

Written by Anika A Syeda

Sip and supplement your way to supercharged immunity and — hopefully — a longer life span with the help of these nourishing gems, including superfood mushrooms, a potent herbal tea and powerful probiotics. Here are our 2021 Clean Choice Award winners. 
The invigorating Garden of Flavor Turmeric Ginger Energy Elixir is made with turmeric (with anti-inflammatory compound curcumin) and ginger (containing gingerol, a compound with antioxidant effects).


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