Juicing with Herbs

April 07, 2022

Juicing is a powerful way to get rich, dense nutrients. Whether juicing fruits or vegetables, adding herbs to your juice can enhance not only the flavor but also some amazing health benefits. Herbs from the garden this spring can be the perfect, subtle juice boost—the possibilities are endless! 

The Perfect Herbs 

Basil is a wonderful addition because it's a great source of Vitamins A, C, K, and iron.

Basil pairs incredibly well with lime, watermelon, strawberry, cucumber, or orange.

Mint supports brain function, boosts digestion, and aids in fighting cold symptoms; it is also a great source of iron and manganese.

Mint pairs well with celery, apples, cucumber, and more!

Sage is rich in antioxidants, vitamin K (great for blood health), + Vitamins A and C.

Sage is best juiced with citruses like orange and lemon, or a variety of greens!

Cilantro is an anti-microbial plant that may help the body fights inflammation.

Cilantro goes well with lemon, ginger, lime, celery, and more!

Parsley is a great source of calcium, iron, magnesium, and more.

Parsley can enhance many flavors like ginger and apple, or with kale and mango.

Oregano is rich in antioxidants and is a great source of fiber and potassium.

Oregano has a strong flavor but the benefits can’t be beaten: pair it with orange and cucumber.

Thyme is a great way to get your Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin E.

Thyme’s light herbal flavor goes great with apples, lemons, and ginger (maybe add some mint too—delicious!)

Rosemary is a great source of fiber, folate, Vitamin C and A.

Pair rosemary with lemon, pineapple, pears.

Dill is a rich flavonoid packed with antioxidants, and Vitamins A and C.

Dill pairs well with green juices, specifically cucumber, lettuce, and fennel.

Can I juice different herbs together?

Absolutely! Many of the herbs listed pair well with each other: Sage + Rosemary + Thyme, Basil + Cilantro, Sage + Oregano, etc! There are no rules when it comes to adding herbs to your juice - feel free to get creative.

If you need some extra inspiration, check out the recipes that we juice herbs into: Turmeric Tonic, The Grasshopper, Wheatgrass Pineapple Energy Elixir, Raspberry Mint Kiss, Belly Rub Juice all have delicious mint while Green Harmony, Mean Greens, The Grasshopper, Power Greens, Shoots & Sprouts, and Belly Rub all have Parsley.