Invite in Immunity with Curcumin

August 21, 2020

The talk of the spice town is Turmeric Root - the flowering plant from the ginger family that is “as natural as natural gets”. Curcumin, the compound that lies within this powerhouse plant, has been shown to  benefit and reduce inflammatory conditions. Turmeric is also known for aiding in weight loss, improving skin health and lowering cholesterol.

The turmeric juiced here at Garden of Flavor is grown for us by Kauai Organic Farms. The tropical climate of the area offers nutrient rich soil as well as a steady supply of rainwater. This family owned business makes it their mission to put carbon back into the soil and reverse the negative effects of commercial farming.

 Our Turmeric Ginger Energy Elixir contains 21,000 mg of turmeric root and 1 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures in each 16oz. bottle. We juice our turmeric whole and do not use powders and this particular elixir is juiced with lemon, ginger root, guayusa, apple, black pepper and of course, plenty of turmeric root. 

Another probiotic packed option is our Turmeric Tonic with 38,000 mg of turmeric root as well as organic lemon, blue agave, ginger root, mint, and cayenne pepper.