Healthy Popsicles just got Easier

June 21, 2022

Today is officially summer! That means hot weather, vacation and....sweet treats. Too often these summery sweets like popsicles are filled with additives like corn syrup and natural flavors. There's an easier and healthier way using organic and cold-pressed juices.

Juice pops are a fun and simple way to get fruits and vegetables while enjoying the summer heat. The juices below make great ice pops by just freezing the juices themselves. So grab a Garden of Flavor juice and some popsicle molds to pour the easiest and quickest delicious treats this summer. Great for adults and kids alike.

Strawberry Watermelon Popsicle - This one is for our East Coast fans who have our Strawberry H20 available at Whole Foods in the produce section. This popsicle is quintessential summer flavors with only organic strawberry, watermelon and lime.

Creamy Vanilla Bean Bar - By using our White Knight Cashew Nut Mylk in a popsicle mold, you can get a delicous vegan popsicle bar. Feel free to spice it up with additional vanilla or cinnamon!

Orange Dreamsicle - Turmeric Crush makes a great popsicle on it's own with a bright orange color and citrusy orange flavor! Make it a creamsicle by adding coconut milk. 

Appleade Pops - With only 3 ingredients of apple, ginger, and lemon, this is a treat that you can feel good about! Popsicles made with Appleade are sweet, citrusy and a little zesty.

Appleade Popsicle