Forbes PRESS: An Inside Look At This CEO’s Refreshing Way Of Doing Business In The Beverage Industry

October 23, 2020

Article written by Pauleanna Reid , Senior Contributor, for Forbes Magazine

What would you do to help heal the world? For Certified Holistic Educator, Raw Food Chef, Plant Based Nutritionist, and Founder of organic juice brand Garden of Flavor Lisa Reed, it’s all about the juice. “So much of what we eat - whether it’s milk, dairy, cheese -  it all makes for a more acidic environment in your body, so we need the greens and the cucumbers, the kale and the spinach to bring us to an alkaline state. It's kind of hard to do without drinking green juice,'' shared Reed in our recent interview as we discussed Garden of Flavor’s origins and rise to success.

Fresh Beginnings From Rotten Circumstances

Before launching Garden of Flavor in 2011, Reed spent years in a corporate environment looking for a meaningful change to take place in her life. Unfortunately, that change came when her mother developed a form of cancer that western medicine could no longer treat. “I began taking trips with her to different natural, holistic medicine clinics,” started Reed. From Mexico to West Palm Beach, Florida and even Germany, Reed stated that the main treatment all the programs had in common was juicing of raw, organic vegetables. “That is kind of what planted the seeds in my head.”

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