Benefits of Adding Ginger to your Daily Routine

February 26, 2021

Why not start your day with a tasty and robust spice? Ginger is a flowering plant that is harvested for its rhizome or root. It's been used both for cooking and for its medicinal properties for centuries. It originated in Southeastern Asia and is grown in warm climates. The ginger we use at Garden of Flavor is grown in Peru and takes about 4-5 months to reach full maturity after being planted. We start with large, organic whole Peruvian ginger because of the purity of the root from the family farms it is grown. It is an incredibly healthy addition to your diet and has both short-term and long-term benefits. 

In the short-term, many people use ginger to assist with  nausea whether the nausea is caused by environmental factors, pregnancy, or chemotherapy. It can also help regulate digestive health for those suffering from indigestion as it’s been found to increase the speed of gastric emptying. Studies have also found other medicinal benefits including alleviation of pain and continuous immune support.

Ginger is also a great natural treatment for long-term health. The main active compound in ginger is  gingerol which is an amazing source of antioxidants and has great anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants protect against oxidative stress by fighting off free radicals. Increased antioxidant intake can aid in combating  vision loss, help with weight loss, and lower blood pressure. 

Studies on the effects of ginger have observed encouraging results for people with type 2 diabetes. Due to having a low glycemic index, ginger can help with the long-term blood sugar levels of  diabetes patients. Moreover, ginger is known to react with receptors inhibiting insulin output; thus, helping diabetics naturally produce more insulin. 

Other studies on the effects of ginger on Alzheimer’s disease and similar cognitive brain diseases have also been promising. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is known to accelerate the aging process. Thus, a healthy intake of ginger can radically slow down aging and reduce physical and cognitive decline. These anti-inflammatory benefits can also be a natural remedy for arthritis.

With all the benefits listed above, incorporating ginger into one’s diet seems like an obvious addition. Here at Garden of Flavor, we make it easy to include ginger as it’s one of our most used ingredients! It's used in many of our products including Appleade, Turmeric Tonic, Aloe Collagen, Turmeric Ginger Energy Elixir, Belly Rub and so many more!