Belly Rub: A Suggestion For Your Digestion

January 07, 2022

Focusing on gut health has become very popular in recent years and for good reason! The gut is vital to maintaining your body's ecosystem and strengthening immunity. Whether you recently developed gastrointestinal issues or are just looking to maintain your gut flora, there are many ways to improve your gut, from probiotics to eating the right foods. 

 Belly Rub Juice - Let’s break it down…

While improving gut health is a lifestyle change with many different factors, Garden of Flavor is here to help with our Whole Foods exclusive recipe,  Belly Rub. Belly Rub contains all organic ingredients that have been blended to tune up your tummy. 


This juice includes ginger root which aids in relieving various gastric ailments like constipation, stomach pain, nausea, and more. Ginger  actually helps your gut move food¹ more efficiently through the intestine to reduce bloating and smooth out the digestive process.  A study found that people who were given ginger had more healthy and diverse bacterial species in their gut; these bacteria even contribute to regulating metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight!


While Cabbage may not have been the first ingredient we think of when we think of juicing, this cruciferous vegetable is a superstar when it comes to taking care of your tummy. The cabbage in our Belly Rub juice acts as fuel for the good bacteria to keep things moving towards healthy digestive function. Cabbage itself is filled with  Vitamin K found primarily in plant sources, and Vitamin C to boost your immunity while flushing out bad pathogens that make you prone to disease. Cabbage is said to diminish the risk of heart disease, reduce the effects of radiation treatments, and aid in preventing cancer⁹  


Pineapple is used to sweeten up  Belly Rub with even more stomach-friendly components. Pineapple is high in bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce joint pain, as well as relieve indigestion and bloating in the process. Pineapple actually is a great source of fiber⁴ as well - a healthy stimulant to encourage the digestive process.


The mint is used to relax your digestive system and soothe your stomach muscles. Studies show it may even fight off bacterial infections in the gut, going so far as to kill off certain food-borne bacterias such as salmonella and listeria. The antibacterial properties³ of mint were also shown to reduce bad bacteria in the mouth! 


Pears are probably not as commonly recognized as a candidate when it comes to foods that support your gut health, but they pack a punch! Pears contain a  prebiotic fiber² that provides food for good probiotic bacteria in the gut, which is important to intestinal health and immune function¹⁰! Pears are also super high in antioxidants, giving them inflammation-fighting abilities, and lowering the risk of disease! 

To get the best for your gut, we’ve packed this juice with essential nutrients from some of our favorite ingredients. Belly Rub has 4g of fiber, 10% DV of iron and 15% DV of Potassium. Begin your road to better belly health with Belly Rub at a Whole Foods produce cooler near you in the North Atlantic and MidAtlantic Regions of the United States!






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