All About Adaptogens

October 05, 2020

Adaptogens coined its name by their unique ability to adapt to the needs of the body. Adaptogens are mushrooms, plants or roots that help the bodies systems handle stress. Stress can be a good thing, helping us stay focused, motivated and alert. When the stress and pressure subsides, the body rebalances and we start to feel calm again. When we experience too much stress, too often or for too long, problems can arise causing wear and tear on the body. Adaptogens are believed to counteract stress in the body as well as combat the fatigue that comes alongside it.

Here in the Garden, we use the adaptogen reishi mushroom, specifically chosen for its holistic properties, into our Pear Reishi Energy Elixir. Reishi mushrooms are also used to assist a number of health conditions such as lung conditions, heart issues, kidney disease, and urinary disease.

This fascinating fungi is a tree mushroom. They are very dry and woody, not good for grilling or sautéing, so if you find some fresh, best to grind up, steep and make a tea or let us do the work for you !

Containing 1 billion live probiotic cultures, our cold-pressed Pear Reishi Energy Elixir is crafted with organic lemon, guayusa, pear, and of course the reishi mushroom- providing you all natural energy and a boost to your immune system.


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