4 Things To Look For When You Choose a Healthy Juice

February 02, 2022

Your local grocery store has a plethora of juices—some are from concentrates, some have added sugar, some are cold-pressed, etc. So how do you know which one to buy? 

There are four different things that you need to look for and understand when selecting a good-quality juice.

1. Certified Organic

The #1 most important thing when looking for a juice is to ALWAYS choose certified organic. Many ingredients found in cold-pressed juices are part of the dirty dozen list which means they have high levels of pesticides. These pesticides can make their way into your juice if you're not buying organic. 

2. Nutrition Information & Serving Size

Second, look at the nutrition facts on the back of the bottle. Looking at the serving size. Is it a 16-ounce bottle? Is there one serving per bottle or two servings per bottle? That way you can calculate the amount of sugar and other nutrients in the bottle. 

3. Are Concentrates or Powders in a Healthy Juice?

Another thing when looking at the nutrition label is: Are any concentrates or "natural flavors"? For example, instead of tart cherry juice, it'll say tart cherry concentrate. This means that it is heat-pasteurized which can affect the nutrient levels and that it's probably diluted with water. don't want that because that's a heat pasteurized product. Natural Flavors can kinda mean 100 different things so you often don't know what you're getting. 

4. Cold-Pressed

Look to see if the juice is cold-pressed. If it doesn't say cold-pressed on the label, then it's been heat- or flash-pasteurized. Using heat can kill a lot of the beneficial nutrients available in a juice. Cold pressing will be on the front of the bottle because it's the most expensive way and the most beneficial way to make juice. So if a company is making a cold-pressed juice, they are going to broadcast that right on the front of the label.

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